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           Best Places to eat near Grand Central


         Terrific Takeout: Previti Pizza Fall 2017

                                 by Peachy Deegan October 25,2017

Ten Places to find  cheap pizza in New York City 

2 and a can for $6

Previti Pizza is your typical New York pizza spot with a wide array of slices to choose from. You can opt for either a classic crust or a thicker, more flavorful focaccia crust. Whatever you decide, be sure to try the artichoke and spinach pizza in a truffle cream sauce. If you’re one for the classics, give their margherita slice a go. They also offer specials, including two classic cheese slices and a can of soda for a cheap price.

Previti, 123 East 41st Street, New York, NY, USA ,+1 212 557 4992

Previti Pizza Chicken Sandwich in a truffle cream sauce kicks ass.

Midtown Lunch -by Donny T 2011

  The Roast Beef Special at Previti Pizza

Photo – Adam Kuban

It’s not often that a pizzeria also does a great sandwich — especially in Midtown. But the roast beef sandwich at Previti Pizza on 41st and Lexington is another matter. House-roasted beef is dipped in its juices, layered with fresh mozzarella, and sandwiched between a genius realization of roast-beef-specific bread that’s a cross between and English muffin and focaccia.   Read More…

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