Focaccia Artichoke

One of our most popular slices Artichoke hearts, spinach with mozzarella and provolone cheese in a truffle cream sauce.

Margherita Pie

Thin crust margheritta pizza made with fresh mozzarella, Italian tomatoes, basil and parmesan cheese.

Chicken Broccoli

Chicken Broccoli Previti Pizza

Focaccia Chicken Bacon Ranch

Tender pieces of chicken cutlet and crispy bacon with a creamy ranch dressing. This pie has become the new favorite beating out our famous Artichoke and Spinach in a truffle cream sauce.

Focaccia Regular

Thick crust Grande Mozzarella and Italian tomato sauce.

Chicken and Tomato Pie

Chicken cutlet and tomato with mozzarella and tomato sauce.